Transitions in Writing prompts and tips

Purdue University has released a collection of writing prompts that can help students work through the transitions in writing that occur during transitions in class and in life.

The prompts include examples of writers who have written in response to a topic or a question posed in the classroom, and students can use them to help them create a story, answer a question or develop a new idea in their writing.

“We know from research that students can be better at working through a transition in their own life, so the prompts are designed to help us identify and identify how to create a transition,” said Rebecca Hahn, associate professor of English in the Purdue Writing Lab and lead author of the collection of prompts.

“The prompts are written in English, and they’re written in the style of a poem.”

Writing prompts in the collection were created by the Purdue Writers Lab in partnership with the Writing Lab at New York University.

The writing prompts were written with the assistance of a group of students from the Writing Academy.

“Transitioning through writing has been one of the most challenging parts of my career and a life-long passion of mine,” said Emily Johnson, a freshman majoring in English and co-author of the prompts.

Johnson has written her first draft of a short story in four months, and she said it is the most fulfilling writing experience of her life.

“When I started my writing journey, I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure, and it’s hard to have a confidence in my writing when you’re in a bad place,” she said.

“I needed help from others to guide me through it, and this book has helped me get through.”

The Writing Lab was able to secure grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities to create the writing prompts.

The Writing Lab, which has an extensive history of collaborating with schools, has also partnered with the Purdue School of Creative Writing to create and publish Writing Prompts for the 21st Century, a series of prompts designed to encourage students to write about life and their experiences.

“This is a great opportunity to work on writing in the present, and for students to get a good sense of what’s possible when they’re writing,” said Jennifer Stromberg, assistant professor of the Writing School and a co-founder of the Purdue Writer Lab.

The Writing Academy also has contributed to the prompt collection.

The Writers Academy provides a supportive community for writers and helps writers find mentors.

“Working with Purdue Writers Laboratory on these writing prompts and writing prompts for the Writing Academies helped me to find a way to be a more confident and empowered writer,” said Nicole Foy, a writer and the Director of the Writers Academy.

Foy said that she was inspired to start her writing career after being inspired by the writing of two women who had transitioned.

“There are many ways to transition and find your voice in your writing,” she added.

The writing prompts will be published in the spring of 2018.


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