How to make an ‘old-school’ font look cool in 2018

Fonts are a huge part of the web design experience, and this is the first time we’ve seen a design for an iconic font used for a popular logo.

A team of designers at Adobe designed a font for the official logo of the NFL that is both familiar and recognizable.

“I wanted to try to make it look like the old-school look of old fonts, so we tried to find a font that looked like it’s been around a while, so that it’d be familiar to fans,” said Mark Houghton, creative director of the team.

The team found the same old-fashioned fonts they used for the NFL logo in Adobe Illustrator, but this time they wanted something that could stand out and be distinct.

“The way we approached it was to find something that looked different but still looked similar,” Houghson said.

“So we had the same font, but we had this cool-looking thing that we wanted to make a connection with.

The cool thing is that we were able to find that, and it’s kind of a fun and unique way to make your own logo.”

The font is called a Cool-looking, Classic and Classic-esque font.

It uses a simple sans serif typeface to create a “cool” look that can be used in a range of websites and logos.

The fonts are designed to be simple, yet not clunky.

You can download the font and try it out on your website or on your own website.

“It has a nice softness to it, so it’s not super clunky, but it does feel a little bit stiff,” Hougson said of the font.

“But we tried not to overuse it and use it for a while.

I think you’ll find it’s quite functional and functional for a lot of things.”

The cool font is available as a download and will be used on some of the teams logos and logos from brands such as Nike, IBM and Samsung.

The logo has a lot going for it.

It has a strong, old-style look and is not overly complicated.

Houghston says the font can stand out for all types of websites that have logos.

“There’s a lot more of that old-timey feel that you’ll get with a modern font, which makes it easier to differentiate the logos,” Haughton said.

Haughson says the design of the logo was originally based on an old logo of a city called Philadelphia that has a great old-town feel to it.

Hougton says it was a great idea to combine the cool-look and old-world elements in the same design.

“We tried to create something that was kind of fun and fresh, so the font looks like it has been around for a long time, but still feels a little familiar,” he said.

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