Which Indian company has the highest number of students taking online classes?

A recent report from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, has revealed that there are more than 1.3 billion Indians online, and it shows that online learning is on the rise in the country.

The IIT, Kanping, reported that out of the country’s 1.1 billion students, 1.5 billion are taking online courses, which is up from 2.4 billion in 2013.

The report also stated that the Indian IT industry is worth $13.5 trillion, with companies like Tata, Infosys and Wipro in the top five global IT companies.

This is despite the fact that India has just 1.2 billion people, and that is just in the first year of the Modi government.

The Indian IT market is worth more than $30 billion, with many of these companies investing in online education, and some companies even building in-house courses to cater to this demand.

India’s online learning industry, however, has faced challenges, and has struggled to keep up with the pace of growth.

According to the report, in 2014, online learning in India had been estimated at $1.7 trillion, but in 2020, it was estimated to be $1 trillion.

With this growth, online education in India has become more competitive, and online learning classes are becoming more popular.

But with this growth comes a lot of uncertainty, as some of the more traditional, and expensive, online classes have become more expensive to run.

A report from McKinsey, which looked at the cost of online classes in India in 2019, estimated that the cost to run an online class in India was $2,000 per month.

For this study, McKinsey took a look at all online courses in India, and ranked them from cheapest to most expensive.

For the most expensive, they calculated that the tuition for an online course was $4,400, and the average tuition was $7,200.

These estimates are likely to change as the number of online courses continues to increase.

McKinsey also looked at how much each course cost students and how much they earn.

While some online courses have higher tuition fees than others, McKinseys data found that the average cost per course was around $4.80.

However, with these prices, it is important to remember that online courses are a business, and with these higher costs, it can make it difficult to attract students.

There are also reports of students going back on their payments.

McKinseys report also noted that there was a “sharp rise” in the number, and number of, students who took out loans, and said that this is a big issue, as there are now over 12.4 million student loans outstanding in India.

India has been one of the fastest growing countries in terms of online learning, and McKinsey’s research has shown that the number is growing.

However the study also revealed that, of the total online students, a significant amount are from the lower classes, and these students are also facing problems.

According the report: “These students are struggling to pay for online classes because the cost per class is higher than other courses and the course content is not up to par.

Some of the lower students, who have a lower standard of education than their higher class counterparts, are unable to afford to pay the course fees.”


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