Why do some people prefer their work published on Medium and why others don’t?

The most recent example of the lack of publishing options in publishing is a tweet by former journalist Ben Jacobs, who in 2016 wrote: “The real power is not in the tools that are currently available, but the ability to get creative with the work.”

But, in an article in Time, he argued that there was a “small but significant number of writers” who would rather work in “digital spaces” and “not on paper”.

And he pointed to the lack on Medium of publishing tools such as articles, which “are often written by professional journalists”, or even “short stories”, as examples of the problem.

He also criticised the publication of “short pieces” and said the “overwhelming majority” of his work would not be published if it didn’t “show that it can be done”.

Mr Jacobs, whose tweets have since been deleted, said he felt “disgusted” by the “polarised view” of the medium.

In the piece, he wrote: I feel like I am a bit of a minority.

In some ways I am, and that’s partly why I don’t want to use Medium or any other publishing platform, but it’s hard to argue that it’s not the case.

I think I could be the only one.

In other words, the vast majority of writers and writers of all types don’t see Medium as a viable option for their work.

This is because the medium’s lack of an editorial system means it’s difficult for creators to have the confidence to publish content that will make it onto the website.

As well as its lack of a formal editorial model, Medium has an editorial policy that leaves creators in the “unenviable” position of “having to publish everything in their stories that isn’t their best work”.

This “disincentive” to publish is one of the main reasons that many writers and artists don’t publish on the platform, Mr Jacobs said.

“It makes it hard to publish on any platform.

It’s like having to publish every story in your book.

You’re not going to be able to publish your best work on the best platform, or even a platform that has a reputation for being the most transparent.”

There’s also a lack of content to choose from, with the vast number of popular stories being published by publishers such as BuzzFeed, Medium and Medium.com.

This, Mr Brown argues, “is one of several barriers to publication”.

“A lot of people don’t understand that you have to have some work to be published,” he said.

The reason is because it’s so difficult to publish work that has “been written on paper”, Mr Brown said.

As a result, he says, it’s “difficult to find writers to share your work.”

It’s important to point out that Mr Brown doesn’t see the lack in publishing as a problem.

“If there was any kind of publication of short pieces or short stories that would be fantastic, it would be a good thing, because I would definitely want to have that kind of content available,” he told Business Insider.

“I think that it has been good for people who are doing that kind [to have] some work available, because they can publish it as their own work and be published by themselves.”

He also believes there is a need for a platform like Medium to have more content.

“The problem is that they have all these little little magazines, and they all have a very narrow audience.

So it’s very difficult for someone to publish a piece and get it into the magazine, or to publish their own piece and have it get published by someone else.”

But while he doesn’t think that there is “much value” in the medium as a publishing platform for writers, he does believe it’s a valuable platform for the creators themselves.

“One of the reasons I’ve never used it is because I think that if you do something in journalism that you think will make a difference, you have the right to share it.

And that’s really hard to get around.”

The best way to help The best solution to the problem of the inability to publish works that have been written on mediums website is to get involved in writing on it yourself.

If you’ve got any ideas for the way to make Medium more accessible, share them in the comments below.

This story was originally published in Business Insider Australia and was republished on the Australian Digital Publishing Association website.

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