Egypt’s writing a testament to life and death

The story of the writer, an Egyptian who died aged 99, has been written down and transcribed by an Egyptian historian.

The Egyptian writer, known as the Mughal Emperor Akbar, wrote his own death sentence in 1826, but was eventually pardoned in his honour by King Akbar I, who was himself killed in 1839.

Egyptian writer Akbar writes his own fate in his life, and has been immortalised by the Egyptian art and architecture that has been built around his name.

Akbar’s legacy has now been translated into English.

“I am not a saint, but I am a martyr,” Akbar told a BBC news team at the Cairo Literary Festival in 2013.

When Akbar died in 1856, he was a celebrated poet and writer.

He was born into a wealthy family in the ancient city of Timbuktu, where he studied at the renowned university of Minya.

But after the British took control of Egypt in the 1780s, Akbar was imprisoned for writing an anti-British poem, The Death of Egypt.

In 1804, Akbars brother was arrested for writing a poem against the British, and imprisoned in the Royal Court of Timbs.

After a long trial, Akbras brother was pardoned, and Akbar spent three years in the Egyptian prison system.

For two years he wrote a poem in his cell in a futile attempt to escape, but his family was not happy.

It was the year before the French Revolution, and the monarchy was in danger.

Eventually, Akbars brother was released.

His poems were published in 1817, but he was soon convicted of treason and sent to prison.

With the death of his brother, AkBar became a prisoner of conscience.

He was exiled to Paris for another five years.

During the French revolution, AkBer is thought to have written his final poem, which was read by the French Emperor Napoleon III.

Although Akbar’s poems are now considered classics, he never received any of his poetry back.

On December 13, 1824, Akber died.

At the time, he had written a farewell letter to the nation, which he said had been “devastating”.

“I have a heart of gold, a soul of the purest blood of the Nile,” he wrote.

While Akbar wrote his final poems, he lived to be 95, and was the longest-reigning monarch of Egypt’s history.

Abdul Khader El-Gorj, a Cairo-based poet, has published the full story of Akbar and the poet’s life.

Mr Gorj told Australia the book, which will be released in 2019, would shed more light on Akbar.

“The book is the first book that will be written about Akbar,” he said.

“[The book] will be a tribute to the Egyptian poet and the author and will tell his story.”



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