Why is the Ottawa mayor being held in an Ottawa jail?

The Ottawa mayor is under house arrest and is being held on charges he broke the law.

His lawyer says he’s a victim of a criminal justice system that doesn’t do justice.

The charges against former Ottawa mayor Kenney include breach of trust, breach of peace, fraud and conspiracy.

The latest charges relate to an alleged scheme to defraud a bank of $8,500.

The Ottawa Citizen has more on the case.

Kenney, who is seeking a second term in the upcoming election, was accused of using his position to secure a loan from a private security company in return for the company not disclosing its relationship with a former chief of staff.

Kenyan law requires municipal governments to maintain a written record of payments for the purposes of ensuring they are used for public purposes, but Kenney was not required to comply with the law when he took office in 2015.

Kenneys lawyer, Peter Schmitz, said the case is a complicated one and there are multiple layers of prosecutors involved.

Kenys office had to go through a lengthy legal process to secure the loan and there was a lot of information that was in the public record that was not in the municipal records, Schmit.

Schmitzes office did a very good job in the process and was able to secure that loan, he said.

Schmitz said the allegations in the complaint are based on a “criminal act” that has already been committed.

He said Kenney has the right to a fair trial.

Kenyon, who was appointed to the post by former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, was elected to the House of Commons in 2013 and was re-elected last fall.

He has said he is not a target of the investigation.

The allegations against Kenney were first reported by the Ottawa Citizen.

Kenyans attorney, David Ault, said he did not believe the allegations against him and the case against Kenyans office and Kenney is still before the courts.

He added Kenyons office had been cooperating with the investigation for some time and that the allegations made against the former mayor were “absolutely false and utterly without merit.”

Ault said Kenyens office had never been the subject of an investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police.

He said the OPP had been involved in a number of criminal cases involving former Ottawa Mayor Rob Ford.

“The OPP has had no involvement with any of these investigations,” he said in an interview.

Schmalz said his office was able on behalf of Kenyney to obtain the loan under the municipal law, which gives the mayor the authority to enter into agreements with private security companies to secure loans.

Kenytons office also provided security and other services for the private security, which were not required under the law, Schmalz added.

Schmaltz said he does not believe Keny’s office was aware of the allegations before Keny had signed the agreement, but he said his staff is still investigating the matter.

Kenya is the only African nation to have a municipal government.

Kenyahas office is in the capital city of Addis Ababa, which is a hub for international companies.

Kenyas predecessor, Pierre Trudeau had been in office for a little over two years.


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