Which city has the most voice in writing?

The voice in the writing industry can be an incredibly important part of the business.

And for the most part, it is the writers who are driving it, the ones who have to tell their story and make it a reality.

But there are some cities that have some of the most amazing voices.

Here are 10 of the best voices in the industry.


Boston, MA • Voice in writing editor: Lisa Schulte, founder of Boston Voices and former editor at WNYC Voice and NPR Voice.


Portland, OR • Voice editor: Mary Fossey, co-founder and CEO of WOW Podcast and podcast company.


Chicago, IL • Voice Editor: Laila Houser, founder and CEO at Voice in Writing and an author of the blog Voice in the Writing.


San Francisco, CA • Voice and music editor: Lauren Cattanach, editor of the Chicago Tribune.


New York, NY • Voice: Sarah Buhlman, creator of the podcast, WNYX Radio.


Los Angeles, CA // Voice: Melissa Leibowitz, former editor of WNYR and the author of The Voice in L.A. and The Voice.


Chicago and New York City, NY Voice editor and writer: Sarah Harkness, founder/CEO of Voice in NYC and editor of Voices in the City.


Atlanta, GA • Voice journalist: Stephanie Hannon, cofounder and executive editor of Atlanta Voice and former writer for the Associated Press and ABC News.


Seattle, WA • Voice author: Samantha Wolk, editor and co-author of The Vibe and The Vogue.


Portland and Washington, DC • Voice, music, and video editor: Michelle Smith, cofounders of Portland Voice and founder of the Portland Podcast Network.


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