New report finds Aboriginal Australians under pressure to ‘recover’

The New South Wales government has released a report into the state’s Aboriginal population that found some Indigenous people are being pressured to ‘come back’.

A report by the Indigenous Legal Service of New South Welsh states the state has more than 4,000 Aboriginal people under the age of 50.

More than half of those are children, aged under 10, and the report found some had faced financial hardship due to the death of a loved one.

One Aboriginal woman was quoted in the report as saying she felt pressured to ”come back’ because of a recent family tragedy.

The report also found that a number of Aboriginal people were living in squalid conditions in overcrowded housing.

‘The Government needs to look at how to manage Aboriginal populations and how to improve their welfare and living conditions,’ said the report’s co-author, Aboriginal Justice Commissioner Michael Baccarra.

In the report, Aboriginal people are described as being under pressure from the Government and the media to ”recover”.

It states there were at least eight reports of Aboriginal deaths, with some people living in conditions as poor as those in the worst-affected areas of Sydney and Melbourne.

“The Government is aware of the pressures and issues Aboriginal people face, including the lack of services and housing, the ongoing lack of adequate social services, the high rates of incarceration and the increased number of young Aboriginal people facing homelessness,” the report said.

There were also concerns that some Aboriginal people had been denied their right to a living wage, despite living in a number and types of jobs.

Aboriginal people living on remote and marginal sites are often placed at risk of discrimination, harassment and violence, the report says.

But the Government said it was committed to supporting all Indigenous Australians, and had a “robust and robust plan” to address the “unique challenges and challenges facing Aboriginal people”.

The state’s Indigenous Affairs Minister said the Government was “working with communities to improve living conditions” and that “there is an urgent need to find a way to improve the living conditions of Aboriginal Australians”.

“We’re doing everything we can to help these people,” she said.

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