How do you tell your story in a new way?

The Australian Financial Journal has the answer.

It’s called The Story.

It is a new series on the ABC, in which we ask writers to write a new version of their own story every week.

For the first time, it is also being broadcast online, in a format similar to that used in television.

We are also looking at ways to share the stories we create with our audience.

There are also many stories in the pipeline that will make our audience even more engaged.

But first, we’re inviting writers to share their story in an open letter to the community.

We need your input, ideas and opinions.

Read more We want your help to make this happen.

This week, we invite your input and ideas about a new format that will give your own version of a story a new life.

This format will include an audio version, a video version, or both.

There will be no restrictions on the length of your letter.

It can be short or long, personal or general.

It will be edited and presented in the same way as a traditional radio or television broadcast.

We will publish your letter, along with a link to the story and the format you want to be published in, at a specific time on our blog, and the story will appear on our Facebook page, along side the original letter.

This will be the first episode of the series.

If you’d like to be a part of the process, just email your story to us at [email protected]

You can also share your story with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or YouTube.

We’re also looking into creating a special version of the story that we call The Story in a Box.

This would be a more traditional radio version, but would still be delivered in a way that’s accessible to the wider audience.

We’ll be inviting all writers to participate.

You’ll be asked to include in your letter a brief description of your story, and we’ll contact you once your letter is published.

We look forward to hearing from you.

If this sounds like your story then please tell us your ideas and your thoughts about the format.

We want to hear from you too.

More to come.

The Story: The Story is a radio story, a story with a narrative focus, and an audience of people across Australia, and beyond, who want to share a different version of that story with the world.

We’d like your help.

Please read the full letter below.

To be considered, a writer needs to: be able to write their own version, to write in a style similar to radio, and to include a brief story description.


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