How to make a new type of writing assignment

A lot of us have had to rethink our writing assignments. 

I’ve written one or two a week for the last year, and they’ve always been about the same thing.

I wanted to make something more fun and different.

So I wrote a short essay on the internet, using a bunch of common writing styles and genres, and then put it online for others to try out.

The goal was to give everyone a chance to try writing something that sounded interesting, something that could be written in a way that I thought was unique.

It worked.

Here are my favorite essays of the year: I thought I was writing an essay.

But I was, and here is what I did next:I had an idea.

I was just thinking of a way to use words from my previous work to create a new way of writing.

So I created a list of words I’ve used in my writing before, and wrote them in a new word processor.

I then typed in all of the words and the words in brackets.

This created a word list.

So I wrote:This is my new word list:I thought this was a great way to create something new.

I didn’t have a word processor, so I took a photo of my phone and saved it on a file sharing website.

Then I opened it up and I could see all of these new words.

I realized I had a new writing assignment.

I wrote an essay on this new word.

It was a long essay, but it was about an idea, and the ideas were simple enough that I was confident that I could write something fun and creative.

I created the word list on my phone.

It’s the only thing I did to it.

My new essay on a new tool I created.

But I thought this could be a little different, and so I created an online writing assignment for it.

This essay was about writing about something else, and it was fun and simple enough for me to write a few sentences about it.

I started with an idea and then created the words to make it a real essay.

So that’s what I thought of when I created my new writing assignments: I was making something fun, and fun and interesting.

I was trying to make myself a writer, and I wasn’t afraid to try new things.

If I’m going to do this again, I’m not going to use the word processor for writing.

I’m just going to open the phone and go, “This is the first time I’ve ever written an essay.”


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