Why French writing is not like English writing

French writing can seem daunting to most, but it can be surprisingly rewarding.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you write more fluently.


Avoid too much detail.

Many French writers have a tendency to take too much on-the-fly detail, like the name of the book or even the words used.

But if you want to write about something in a way that feels fresh, take care to make sure you get everything down before you start.


Don’t let yourself get carried away.

French writers don’t like to dwell on details too much, and when writing about something, it’s best to keep things simple and focused.


Don�t forget to write the first thing.

French writing requires more than just words.

You have to know what to write next, and that takes practice.


Don �t waste your time.

It�s a good idea to spend a little time reading the words that you are about to write.

It gives you a chance to practice with the word, and helps you remember the basic structure of the sentence. 5. Don���t get stuck in the middle.

If you need to write a story, don�t try to follow the same structure every time.

You can try to add elements that aren�t in the story, but don�T try to repeat the same sentence structure all the time.


Focus on a single word.

When writing, French writers usually try to write their words in a specific order.

For example, they often start with the first letter of the word and then move on to the next letter.

But it�s okay if you find yourself trying to write something like, for example, I love the weather.

Just remember that you need time to think about everything.


Avoid using words that are related.

French readers usually prefer words that relate to one another, but there are a few words that don�ll work well for all kinds of writing.

For instance, if you write something about the weather, don���t try and use the word �fright� or �worry� or anything that has to do with the weather at all.

Instead, write about the feeling of a specific day, like when the weather was really cold.


Make sure your story is simple.

If your story has many events, it will be easier to write in the way you want it to be read.

However, if your story only has one thing to talk about, then try to make it simple. 9.

Don��t be afraid to try different words.

In English, you may think of the first word as a verb, but in French, you often use the second word to describe what you want the reader to understand.

If this sounds confusing, try to look at what the reader will read next.


Remember that English and French writing are different.

English is a lot more formal, while French is more informal.

But as a writer, it can feel natural to write as a French writer, since English is about using language and you use words in the same way.


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