How to write a story about kids writing games

Posted May 03, 2018 11:21:16 How to Write a Story About Kids Writing Games (Kindle Edition)Written by Nick Purdon – Published May 03:23:32A group of young and talented children’s writers and illustrators have created an interactive novel called The Kidnapped Princess, a game that combines storytelling and interactive art to explore the idea of the magical princess.

The game’s story takes place in a small village in the far north of England, in the kingdom of Merion.

The princess, a young woman named Ria, is in a coma.

When Ria awakens, she discovers she has been kidnapped by two trolls.

The trolls demand she return to their village, where they live a quiet life with no enemies or enemies of the people they’re supposed to protect.

Ria, the Princess of the North, has been taken prisoner in a troll village by the trolls and has no idea where she is or how to get home.

She has only one way to go: she must write a book about the adventure.

The story follows the adventures of Ria and her friends as they attempt to solve the mystery of their captors’ disappearance and find their kidnapped princess.

The Kidnapping Princess is a children’s novel about a young girl who becomes involved with an underground art collective and finds herself drawn into the struggle between her village’s heroes and their enemies.

The story of The Kidnnapped Princess is an innovative mix of fantasy and the everyday struggles of everyday people.

Written by Nick, the Kidnapper Princess is available now in the Kindle Edition for only $2.99.

To learn more about The Kidnampous Princess, visit the Amazon website.


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