When you write in a style you hate, you should be ashamed

There are lots of ways to write a blog post.

I wrote one for a client who asked me to write about his new book, and then I was told that I needed to write more of a manifesto.

It was a good choice.

But the author was clearly not going to like it.

She wanted to write in an unconventional way.

It’s a style that I hate, but it also has the potential to be good writing.

That’s because unconventional writing is not about being cool or edgy, but rather about expressing truth in a bold way. 

What are the best ways to make your writing less conventional? 

First, don’t use the word conventional in your title.

That word can be used to denote an attitude, and I would never recommend it to a client.

I am sure I could have written a blog entry about a new startup or an interesting idea, but instead I chose to write this blog post in the style of a dystopian thriller. 

Second, don\’t use the phrase, “This post is not for me.”

I used to be able to use the term “post-modern” when I was writing, but that term was so overused. 

Third, don”t use “I hate this post.”

This is a great time to be writing in an unorthodox way.

If you write a post that is too conventional, you will inevitably lose readers.

You should write something unconventional to gain readers. 

Fourth, use a different subject matter for each post.

This may seem like a silly idea, especially if you have a busy schedule and have to write several posts in a week.

But if you use your time wisely, you can write a new post that will attract readers and readers will respond. 

Fifth, write something that your readers would enjoy.

This can include a novel or a short story, but make sure that your blog post is fun and engaging for readers.

A post that your reader loves will make it easier for them to follow along and read the rest of the blog post without getting lost in the weeds. 

Sixth, think outside the box.

In my case, I wrote about a novel that I loved, and my readers liked that novel, so they started following along with my blog post as I was working on it.

That made me feel good about writing the blog, which in turn made me happy about the blog and me. 

You can also consider writing something that appeals to a different audience.

For example, if you are writing about a topic that interests people of a certain age group, try to write something about a subject that is not your forte.

This way, you get to write the blog without being overwhelmed with new readers and followers. 

If you have the time, I would also recommend reading more than one blog at a time. 

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