Which is the most important thing to write for a book?

Writing practice sheets are useful, but not essential, as you can write as much as you like, and they can help to give you ideas on what you should write, which will then help to guide you through your own writing.

For this article, I’ve created a few writing practice sheets to help you get started.

Read on to find out what they are and how to use them.


Writing a short introduction to your book, first draft of your book’s first chapter or two, and a synopsis of your main characters and the book’s setting.

This is your most important writing piece.

It will give you the confidence to start writing and will give your novel a feel of depth and richness.

The best thing you can do to prepare your introduction is to read your book from cover to cover.

If you’ve already read the novel from cover, start with a few sentences from the first page, but if you haven’t, try to do that first.

For example, if you’ve just read the prologue, you can start with “Chapter One”, and you can then start with: “Chapter Two”.

It is important that you keep your introduction short, as it gives the reader an idea of the scope of your story.

In my experience, a good introduction is about a hundred words.

If it is longer, you will need to work out what the writer wants to convey to the reader.

As you write, try and think of your introduction as an essay and a sentence.

The writer should have written their introduction to the book already, so you can take advantage of the structure of your sentence.

It may sound clichéd, but it is important to write an introduction that conveys the overall feeling of the story.

Try and think about how you want to convey the feeling of your novel to the readers.


Write a summary of your first four chapters, starting with the first two.

Write an introduction for each chapter.

You can write a summary for each paragraph in your introduction.

This will give the reader a flavour of the novel and give you a general idea of where your story is going.

For instance, you might write: “The novel begins with a group of four men, all with an interest in the same science, who are recruited to a secret organisation called the Project.

They are recruited for a project that involves the discovery of a new form of energy.

The first four pages of the introduction are dedicated to introducing the group of men and their new assignment.

They will meet and work with the enigmatic Mr C., the mysterious Mr A. and the enigmatic Mrs. D.”

This gives you a flavour and a general feel of the book, so try and keep it short.

If the reader wants more, they can move on to the next chapter.

If not, you could always read the introduction again, but I prefer to start with an outline.


Write your main character and their motivations.

Write about the character, their goals and motivations, and their life and their history.

The important thing is to describe what the character does in the novel, how they feel about the situation, and how they see themselves in relation to other people.

For the most part, you want your main protagonist to be someone who has an obvious personality trait or background, but you also want to have a personality trait that is universal.

For a novel, the main character needs to have strong moral character, which can be a person who is independent, independent-minded and who is willing to sacrifice for others.

A good example of this would be Harry Potter, who has strong moral values and a strong sense of justice.


Write descriptions of the setting.

You could write descriptions of every detail of the plot, every scene, every plot point, every detail.

Write in this way because it gives your story the feel of a mystery novel.

If your story involves magic, then it will be better if you describe it in terms of magical phenomena.

For an example of magic, consider the magic in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, which involves Harry Potter’s father, Sirius Black, and his son, Cedric Diggory, who was born with a magic ring.

When the trio encounters Deathly, the ring causes their bodies to transform into the forms of snakes, goblins and other animals.

The descriptions are very brief, so the reader can easily pick up on the magic, but the description gives a good flavour of what is happening and helps the reader understand the world around them.


Write the main characters’ personalities and their actions.

You will want to describe how each character sees themselves and their goals.

For Harry Potter the author might write something like: “In the end, Harry Potter has realised that he has the power to change the world, but his power has been used for selfish reasons, and it is not something he should take lightly.

He must now face the consequences of his actions, and find


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