Why are so many resume writers suck?

The internet is awash with resumes, from Google to LinkedIn to a variety of job sites and apps. 

Some of the best resumes to look for are in the cursive style that’s popular across the web. 

If you’re one of those people who like to type in a bunch of characters, here are the tips to help you get started.1.

Look for punctuation. 

Cursive is the most common type of writing and punctuation is often overlooked. 

It’s usually used to separate paragraphs, paragraphs, and even sentences. 

“Formal writing” is not the same thing as cursive. 

For example, if you write “The letter x is written with the ‘x’ character,” the first letter of the word “X” is capitalized. 

When you type “The date of birth” in cursive, the first word of the date is capital-ized.2.

Use the capital letter to indicate a topic. 

A cursive resume is most useful when you’re writing a summary or a short bio for your position. 

You don’t want to have to type out a bunch “job title” sentences in cursor, but if you’re doing a quick job interview and you want to say something like “I started this business as a full-time freelancer and I’m currently making $50,000 a year,” you can use a capital letter.3.

Use punctuation to separate sections. 

Sometimes, you might want to include a section heading to show you what a specific job is about. 

Use the same rule here to indicate the topics of your resume. 


Use capital letters to highlight your credentials. 

I’m going to show a resume with a short section heading with an emphasis on my credentials.

I’m also going to include the letter “A.” 

If your resume is short, you can put your full name, phone number, and email address in the section heading. 


Use a capitalized word for your last name. 

In cursive letters, “S.” is capitalised. 

The same rule applies to “M.” and “N.” 


Use letters for numbers. 

As you type in the names of your colleagues, put your first and last name, the number of your phone number and the email address you use for your resume in the capital letters. 


Use an apostrophe for a number. 

Try to avoid using the apostrophe when spelling out your name or email address. 


Use hyphens to indicate subject matter. 

Don’t use “I” or “J” or anything else that looks like a number, or a period, or any other punctuation mark. 


Use double hyphens for the beginning and end of a word. 

These are common in resumes, but you can also write a capital “e” in front of words that you need to stress. 


Use caps to mark your qualifications. 

Here’s a resume that shows my qualifications in cursors, followed by my resume in italics: “I am a certified CPA with over 15 years of experience.

I am an experienced entrepreneur with over 10 years of business experience.” 

I’ve used capitals for this example to indicate that I’m a CPA and that I’ve had over 15-plus years of professional experience. 


Use periods to highlight skills. 

Look for periods between the words “and” and “or.” 

“And” is a period. 

And “or” is an exclamation point. 


Use words for the job title. 

Capitalize your job title as you go through your resume, but don’t put the title in italic letters.

“CPA, CPA, Certified CPA.” 


Make your resume look professional. 

Do not try to hide your resume behind the type of text that’s found on your resume and online. 


Don’t include a phone number.

If you want your resume to stand out from the rest of your applications, it’s important to include phone numbers and email addresses in the resume. 


Make sure your resume includes a cover letter. 

Make sure your cover letter is brief, professional, and clearly shows why you’re applying for the position. 


Use short sentences to make your resume seem professional. 

  A good resume will include sentences that are short, informative, and understandable. 


Use keywords and punctuations that you like. 

Keep your resume short, concise, and simple. 


Use bold, italic, and bold typefaces. 

Brush up on your cursive skills in order to look professional on your resumes. 


Avoid acronyms and acronymologies. 

They’re usually unnecessary and are easy to mistake. 


Use common sense when typing on your computer. 

Be sure to read


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