How to Write a Checkbook

If you are a writer who writes checks, then you will most likely be familiar with this handy technique.

It involves using a blank, empty checkbook, and writing your checks out on a piece of paper.

But what if you want to write a check that is written on paper, with your signature attached?

How to Write A Checkbook with a Signature attached to itThe most common way to write your checks is by using a pen, a writing utensil, or a writing pad.

I have included a tutorial for each of these options.

The key thing to remember about writing a check is that it should not be over-complicated.

For instance, writing a $1,000 check on a pen is not the same as writing a signature on a check, as that signature is not a check but a document.

However, it is much more common to write checks by pen or writing pad, because you are more likely to be writing checks on paper.

In addition, writing checks with signatures attached is much less likely to give away your identity.

To write a signature, you must first use a writing instrument.

You may choose a pen or pen-and-paper device, or you may use a pen and ink pen, or any other writing device you have at your disposal.

Here are the basics to write an original check:1.

If you are writing a paper check, use the standard method of writing a letter to your bank account.

This method requires that you sign your check in a specific order.

Do not write any checks with incorrect numbers, as this can give away the address of your bank.

You may also want to use the following steps for writing checks written on a pad: 1.

Write a blank check.


Take the pad you used to write the check and lay it flat on the check. 


In the center of the pad, write your name.


Inner-right-side up, write the amount of the check (with the amount printed on it on the inner side).5.

Close the pad and write the signature.


Close and re-close the pad.7.

Close all the pads and ink pens and write your check out with your own signature.8.

Put the pad back into its original place and seal it up.9.

Re-open the pad to see if you have written any checks at all.10.

Put back the pad into its own place and write checks in the same order you did the first time.11.

Close up all the pad pens and ink and reattach them to their original places.

In this example, the pen is the pen you used when you wrote the check, and the pad is the pad that you used for the ink pen.


Put a pen in the middle of your writing utenil.


Take your pen and write a letter.


Write the check out using the pen and your signature. 


Close your writing pen and seal the pen back up.16.

Put a pad on the pen-bottom of the pen.17.

Put your pen back in the pen, and write some checks in its place.18.

Close the pen so the pad will not slip.19.

Close everything else and seal everything up.

I hope this helps.


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