Which short story writers should you follow for a writing prompt?

Short stories are often overlooked when it comes to writing prompts, but there are several great writers out there who you should follow for writing prompts.

In this article, I’m highlighting the top short stories that I consider to be a great starting point.


The Big Five by Ursula K. Le Guin (New York: Penguin Books, 1987) “To live without a soul is to live without anything to live for.”

In Le Guine’s universe, it’s impossible to live apart from the rest of the world, and so she makes a conscious effort to not only live in her own house but also to keep her mind off the horrors of the outside world.

The story is told in a kind of post-apocalyptic future, in which we’re all forced to spend our days in an artificial reality that doesn’t quite fit into our reality, but does have a way of seeming real to us.

It’s about a woman who has been separated from her family, and it’s the beginning of a tragic romance.

The characters are beautiful and complex, and the setting is beautiful and full of possibilities.

In the end, she finds herself alone with the possibility of leaving, and that’s a real turning point in the story.

Le Guerin was one of my favorite authors of the last 30 years, and this story is a great one to start with.


The Time Machine by William Golding (New Brunswick, New Jersey: Transaction Books, 1993) “Time is the greatest invention of the human mind.”

Golding’s tale of a father’s journey through time, from childhood to retirement, is the quintessential tale of human curiosity.

It explores the notion that there are no rules, and we’re free to explore anything we want.

The protagonist, Tom, is an artist who dreams of being a writer, but his own art projects and his artistic pursuits are constantly thwarted by his mother, who doesn’t believe in his creative talent.

Tom has to learn to embrace this belief, and to embrace the art of storytelling.

He eventually learns to find his own truth.

The book has a haunting quality, which is something that the story never loses sight of. 3.

The Last Unicorn by Michael Cunningham (Penguin Books, 2008) Cunningham’s work is often seen as a modernist piece of literature.

His novel, The Last Dragon, is a beautiful, haunting story about an artist trying to find a way to leave a broken world behind.

In The Last Werewolf, a teenage girl and her best friend, Annelies, find a mysterious ring that seems to give them the power to travel in time and save their world.

It is a novel that captures the spirit of Cunningham’s vision of human existence and a beautiful piece of writing that will stay with you long after you’ve finished it. 4.

The Book of the Dead by Brian McClellan (W.W. Norton, 2005) “It’s not my story.

It belongs to the world.

Its dead, but its alive.

And the people of the dead have a story to tell.”

McClellan’s story is about the lives of three people: a man, a woman, and a child.

Each of them have been orphaned by war, and they are forced to live a life in the midst of other people who are also orphaned.

They form a family, but they never have a child and they live together as adults.

In McClelloans world, this is a perfect way to look at the orphanage.


The Cat in the Hat by J.G. Ballard (Pantheon Books, 2000) Ballard’s novel about a young girl who goes to a strange country to escape a cruel husband is a timeless story about the human condition.

The heroine, Mia, is raised in a harsh and dangerous society.

Her childhood is spent with cruel guards and an abusive husband, and she is always alone.

In one of her favorite stories, Mia tries to escape the world she grew up in.

In Ballard’s world, Mia’s escape is her chance to learn about love, friendship, and responsibility.


The White Album by John Steinbeck (Random House, 1962) Steinbeck’s story, The Grapes of Wrath, is one of the greatest novels ever written, and The White album is his masterpiece.

The main character is a young woman named Helen who has lost her father, who is a war hero.

Helen meets a man named Henry who is an ex-con who’s married to a woman named Nancy, and is also an excon.

Helen and Henry become best friends, and Helen learns that she’s in love with a man who is also a war vet.

The man, John, is also John’s friend.

Helen realizes that her father is dead, and learns that the war was a horrible mistake, and John is the one who saved her.

The final chapters of


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