Why English isn’t a language of inspiration

Dear writers: We need to write more English.

We need a lot more writing in English.

There’s a good chance that you have never been taught that.

If you have, you probably don’t think of writing in a certain way.

And if you don’t have that, there’s nothing wrong with it.

And we’re all going to be stuck writing in this English that we’re never going to learn how to write in.

I’m going to show you a couple of examples of this.

One, I’ll share a poem by Mary Elizabeth Williams that I read while sitting in a coffee shop in New York.

It’s called, “Dear Writer.”

It’s about a woman who’s writing an essay.

The poem begins with, “The thing I love most about the world is the people who write it.”

It ends with, And you should write it too.

The only thing I ever wanted was to write a poem for a man.

She’s sitting there, looking at her typewriter.

“Dear writer,” she writes.

And I thought, Oh my god, she’s writing a poem.

It was perfect.

And then I looked at her and I was like, Wait, this is so cool.

She writes it so beautifully.

I didn’t know what to think.

But I thought that she wrote it for someone.

And that she knew what she was doing.

I’ve always been a big fan of this sort of thing.

But that was a bit of an exception to the rule.

I never really thought of writing poetry in a particular way, or being able to read it.

I thought of it in a way that was more in line with the way we normally write.

You can’t really read something if you’re not thinking about it.

So I always thought that I was writing in my head, because I wrote about a lot of things that I knew I’d never have to think about, because there was nothing I could do about it, I thought.

But then I was reading a book that I hadn’t read before and I thought to myself, Wow, I never knew how to do that.

And there’s a certain amount of freedom that you can take in a text, if you can think about it that way.

I mean, I was doing it the other day, reading a story about a girl who writes poetry and it was this amazing, beautifully crafted poem that was like a meditation on writing and the importance of it.

But it wasn’t like, “I have to do this because it’s poetry.”

She was writing it for the purpose of writing it.

It didn’t seem like a job for her.

It wasn’t really a job to do, and that was probably a mistake.

And this is a really good example of the kind of thing that you’re looking for in writing: freedom.

And the more freedom you have to write, the more likely you are to be able to be inspired to write the way that you want to.

The more freedom, the better.

And here’s another one.

Here’s a poem that I wrote as a child.

I was trying to write poetry.

I remember writing this poem and I think, Oh, no, I can’t do it.

The word that comes to mind is “I can’t.”

It doesn’t come to mind.

So then I wrote this sentence and it ended up being something like, I’m not good at this.

But as a kid, I would write poetry, and I would be able at that time to think, I could write a line or two or three, and the poem would just fall into place.

It would start, and then it would end up being this great piece of writing.

And as I got older, I started writing poems that weren’t about poetry, they were about people.

And when I got to college, I got really interested in music and writing, and so I started trying to think of my own way of writing music, and when I wrote a song called “Bands of Love,” it was just this wonderful, beautiful song that I wanted to write about bands of love.

I got all these people and I just wanted to record it and put it out there, and it just grew.

And so, I wrote the song “Band of Love” about people, and they’re a band.

And in the song, I say, And I’m gonna make a band out of you and I’ll give you this instrument.

And it was like I was able to start thinking of writing and writing about people and about music.

And eventually I had the idea to write “Bass of Love.”

And it just started to come together and it started to be this wonderful piece of work that I can just write about and sing about.

I wrote it, and you can’t help but listen to it and you feel like you’ve been listening to this for a long time.

And you’re thinking,


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