How to write an itinerary for a trip: A list of travel writers

This article is one of several that feature travel writers writing itineraries that have some sort of theme or goal. 

Travel writing is a very popular and often sought-after career.

In 2017, travel writing was ranked #2 in the world by Forbes as the top professional job. 

 The list includes a lot of people who are highly regarded and have some talent in writing about travel. 

A lot of travel writing comes from the internet, where there is a huge demand for travel writers and those who have some kind of experience writing about it.

It’s not uncommon to see writers and travel guides writing their itineraries in online forums.

They’re a great way to learn from others. 

For example, one of the most popular online travel blogs, Cities, is dedicated to travel writers. 

Citizens is dedicated to writing travel guides. 

Here are some examples of travel guides written by travel writers: 1.

“I’ll walk from Toronto to Los Angeles” by Alex Lutz, a travel writer who is also a co-founder of and Lutz has written travel guides for US travelers, Europeans, and Asia. 


“You’ll have to walk the last mile to the airport to catch a flight” (via Liz Stelzer) by Daryl Kroll, a travel blogger who has written travel guides, visit guides, and travel tips for many other travel destinations. 


“Take a ride on a boat” for all the trails in Europe by Michael Oakes, an adventure traveler and author of The Best Travel Blogs of All Time. 


“The best way to get to Europe” from Dubrovnik, via The Travel Blog by James R. Martin. 


“Getting to the top of Mt.

Everest” by Hugh Chen, the author of A Guide to Top 10 Climbing Tips for All Trekking Groups. 


“How to get around Paris” by Paul Cawthorne (a former Travel Blogger). 


“Catch the sunrise in Paris” via The Travel Blog by Ryan G. Baker. 


“Travelling in the Alps” in Italy via the travel blog Cairo by Paul Cazan. 


“It’s the perfect day trip to Paris” via TravelBlog from Rome via TravelBlog the UK. 10.

“Make a day trip for the holidays” to Vienna via A Travel  by Tom R. Rehman. 

I love this one from 

What are some other travel writers who have written travel itineraries? 

These are some writers who I would like to hear from. 

1) Kirsten Lippe, editor-in-chief of Travel Writer, wrote several travel guides. 

She writes travel guides for US traveling groups and for people looking to learn more about Europe. 

“For example,” she writes in one guide, “you can learn about Europe by reading Travel Writing by Thomas Schellenberger.” 

She also writes about travel, and she has done a long travel itinerary with Cameron Fisher, author of The Adventure Guide for Americans. If you’re interested in a travel writer, check out Katherine Wright’s Guide to Travel Writers and Bryan Nolan’s A Traveler’s Guide to People and Events by author and travel blogger Michael Bassett. 

You can check out the full list of travel books on . 

I also love the blog TravelWriteBlog by Buddy Hewitt. 

He writens travel travel guides and guidance for all types of trailers and has published travel blogs for travel groups. Check out his blog for guiding his travel group and his guide to  all trailer types. 

Hear Benny Hickman singing the words “When you’re out, be like the man you always have been” on his podcast The B-B-Boy. 


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