This is the first time I’ve had to write in a way that’s not scripted

Two years ago, I started writing stories for an online platform called FiveThirtyEight.

I was writing for a few people on FiveThirtyeight, but I didn’t know what that meant.

After that first post, I was hooked.

FiveThirty8 has become a hub for people like me to publish our stories.

That’s the kind of story I’m going to tell.

And it’s a story about writing.

I started writing my first stories at age 16.

My mother and father taught me to write.

At the time, I had no experience writing at all.

I wrote in college.

I went to the school of literature, which is where I learned to write stories.

I read a lot of short stories and poems.

My favorite book at that time was a book by the great English writer William Blake.

It was a really important book for me because it taught me about the importance of poetry and the importance in writing of the words you choose to say.

That was the first thing that really helped me to be able to say things in a story.

I think I was in my late 20s when I first began writing, and I had a lot more time on my hands than I did when I started college.

So I thought about this for a long time, and in my own mind, I thought, I don’t want to go through that again.

But I wanted to try writing a story for a platform that I thought would give me the opportunity to be published on a level that would be interesting to people.

So that’s what I wrote.

But it was kind of hard because I was trying to tell stories about people that I didn-what they’re going through.

I think it’s important to tell these stories as a storyteller.

I want to be honest.

I started to feel that I had this weird compulsion that I was doing this for the platform and that I wanted it to be interesting.

That kind of thing really started to creep into my writing.

I wanted people to care about me.

I really wanted people who cared about me to see a story that wasn’t really about me as a person, but as a character.

I remember thinking, Why am I doing this?

Why am this happening?

Why are I writing this story?


I felt like I was just trying to make a buck.

I didn the same thing for other platforms that were trying to be like FiveThirty Eight, but they were also trying to sell stories to people who were interested in them.

I felt very lonely.

I thought that I couldn’t write for anyone else.

But then I started reading about people who wrote their own stories on the platform.

I realized, maybe I can do this, maybe that can be possible for me.

So for the first couple of years, I just wrote.

I could write like any other writer, and then I got interested in writing for other people.

That feeling of wanting to write for someone who cared and wanted to read my stories made me think, This is what I want to do.

And then I realized I wanted something bigger than myself.

I don’t have a lot to say about what I did for the last year, because I feel like I had an amazing experience, but for now, I’m just going to say that my goal was to make people feel like they cared.

I don-I don-want to say anything about my personal life, because that’s very private.

I’m not going to talk about it.

But there’s a lot I wanted the people who read my story to know about me, so I think that they would feel like there was something to be gained from it.

They would feel that they cared, that they thought I could help them.

I was in a really tough spot when it came to writing.

My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 55.

I couldn.

I had to get a lot out of it.

I needed to write to make ends meet.

I have a very difficult time getting a good job.

I never had the money to make the mortgage payments.

I would lose everything to my parents if I didn: my father would have to take out his loan, my mother would have her credit card taken away, I would have my house foreclosed on.

I lost my whole life to those things.

But for the most part, my parents and I did manage to make it work.

I mean, I didn, but at least my father did.

But he was very ill, and we had to make some money to live.

It’s very difficult for people to have that sort of struggle.

I have been doing this writing for the past couple of months, but the writing has been a long road.

I can say that because I had so much time to work on it, and my focus has been on what I was working on.

When I first started writing, I felt that I wasn’t going to get anywhere.

I hadn’t written a


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