How to write a blog post about your favorite movies without ever being called a nerd

Posted by James O’Brien on Sunday, February 06, 2020 13:01:13 “The fact is, nerds are the most important and popular people in the world.”

-Hollywood producer and screenwriter James OramThe man who wrote the most famous line in all of cinema: “The difference between a movie and a piece of art is the quality of the eye candy” is back in the spotlight as the new year approaches, but as usual, he’s got the big-picture stuff to keep the mind occupied.

This year, his new book, The Nerd: A Primer on Nerd Culture and How It Can Help Your Career, is out.

Here, we asked him what the big trends are for 2016.


What are the top five movies you’re most looking forward to this year?

The five movies I’m most looking forwards to this summer are: The Avengers, Interstellar, The Revenant, and The Martian.

Interstellar is the first time I’ve seen a movie like that.

I’ve been a fan of it since I was a kid, and I’m going to miss it.

The Martian is so much better than the first one, and it’s one of the great science fiction films.


What’s your favourite nerd thing you can share with your friends?

The best nerd thing to share is a favorite comic book character, but it’s not necessarily a favorite TV show.

I’ll share a favourite comic book show and a favorite tv show.


Do you think nerd culture will become more or less mainstream?

I don’t think it’s going to change, but there are going to be more people in positions of power.

I think it’ll continue to be very, very, nerdy.


What would you do if you were an executive?

I think that’s a great question, and the answer to that question is not to give a specific answer.

It depends on what the company needs, but I would probably not be at the top of any list of the top executives, but in terms of the people I would most want to work with, I’d probably be at Amazon or Facebook or Netflix.


What do you think is the biggest misconception about nerd culture?

My biggest misconception is that nerds are just not interested in the things that are cool.

I actually think that the people who are most passionate about nerding out are the ones who are the least interested in what’s cool, and that they’re the ones in the room who are just bored.

I can’t think of a single geek thing that I think is going to go out of fashion.

They’re just not as interested in things that make people laugh.

What are some things you would say to someone who doesn’t consider themselves a nerd, but is excited about nerd culture?

If you’re someone who’s not into science fiction, like I am, and you’re like, “Oh, that’s what I need to read,” I’d tell you that the biggest thing to be excited about is when a book comes out and it turns out to be a really great book.

I don’t know about you, but if that book is about a kid who gets a giant alien spaceship, I’m like, I wanna read that.

And then the other thing is, if it turns into a movie, I’ll be like, Oh, I wish I could have seen that movie, because it’s awesome.


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