Which children’s writing desk is best for you?

A new report from the International Writing Education Alliance (IWEA), a nonprofit organization that promotes education for children and writers, suggests that the best children’s desk is the one where kids can write on their own.

IWEA released its report this week, which is aimed at helping parents, teachers, and business owners make decisions about which children’s book and media outlets to purchase.

The organization, which works with several child-literature publishers, compiled data from over 700 children’s literature publishers across the world.

The report says that the top four books for kids are: “Fantastic Friends,” by the award-winning author Nancy Drew; “The Magic School Bus,” by Mark Twain; “Beautiful and the Boring,” by Lillian Hellman; and “Frozen” by Kristin Chenoweth.

The top three children’s books for adults are “Fairy Tales,” by Mary Shelley; “A Tale of Two Cities,” by Charles Dickens; and the book “Coffee and Cigarettes,” by George Orwell.

These books are popular among children, who enjoy “Fancy Fools” and “The Wizard of Oz” for their unique stories and characters.

The best childrens books for parents are: The Wizard of Orphans by J.R.

R Tolkien; “Little Miss Sunshine,” by Nancy Drew “The Book of Magic by Harry Potter” by JK Rowling, “The Wonderful Wizard of Evergreen City by Lewis Carroll” by Lewis Carrol, and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Lewis Pym” by Harry Foxx.

The books for businesses include: “The Big Book of Christmas by the New York Times” by Donald J. Trump and Michael Flynn; “Beverly Hills, 90210: The Complete Guide by James Patterson, a Pulitzer Prize winner; and The Magic Schoolbus by Mark Fiore and Linda St. John Mandel.

The five books for teens are: A Little Princess by K.C. Jones; A Million Little Pieces by Liza Minnelli; and Disney’s The Lion King by Hayao Miyazaki.

The kids books are: Snow White by Elsa and the Snow White Club by Eloise; and Goofy by Spike Spiegel.

Read more: IWEAs report: The top five children’s children’s media books for 2016: http://bit.ly/2b2kPV9 #IWEAsTopFiveBestKidsTopics https://twitter.com/iWEAs/status/847651826294568784?lang=en


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