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Which children’s writing desk is best for you?

A new report from the International Writing Education Alliance (IWEA), a nonprofit organization that promotes education for children and writers, suggests that the best children’s desk is the one where kids can write on their own.IWEA released its report this week, which is aimed at helping parents, teachers, and business owners make decisions about which […]

Why you should start writing with an IKEA writing desk: A look at some of the best

ikeas writing desk is an example of a classic piece of writing desk technology.ikealikes writing desk was originally a piece of furniture designed by a German company in the 1920s and was a staple of homes from that era.It was an extremely popular piece of home decoration that was also the most popular piece in […]

How to use a ‘pipette’ as a pen for your blog

The Pipette is the perfect tool for those who love to write and think of their writing as a way to get work done. Pitfalls in the design of the Piper include its lack of a retractable pen lid, and a fatal flaw that may prevent it from being an efficient writing surface. The pipettes have been around for a while, and while they’re great for some […]

How to Write a Better Fantasy Novel

By now, most people are familiar with the term “literary fiction.”The term refers to a genre of literary fiction that includes short stories, novels, and short stories of popular authors, as well as short stories and novels by lesser-known writers.The genre has also come to be used to describe a variety of genres of nonfiction, […]


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